Media and Gaming

Media and Gaming

Media and Gaming

Khalifa has thrived during his work experience placement with Creative Labs at TwoFour54.
Khalifa has been able to experience various aspects of in-real-life media production, building on his experiences in the media production studios here at Al Karamah Training Institute.
Khalifa will be undertaking further On-The-Job training during his work placement, and will be well positioned to make informed choices about his future and occupation based on his aptitudes, abilities and preferences in the working world of media production.

Media and Gaming

Media Production

In the Media Studio, learners follow an international curriculum in Media Production.

Learners study the use of a variety of media and broadcast equipment. Learners also study presentation skills, sound and video editing skills and broadcast planning skills.

E-Sports and Gaming

In the E-Sports laboratory students take part in E-Sports tournaments, learning to communicate, co-operate and compete.

As well as developing crucial social skills, students’ enthusiasm for Gaming channels into learning about the staging and production of the tournaments they compete in.



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