We are eager to support our students’ needs where they can express themselves and develop their artistic imagination.


In Little Champions we love music! We teach children to sing songs to reinforce speech as this can considerably improve language skills.

We also offer Music therapy which provides a unique variety of music experiences in an intentional and developmentally appropriate manner to effect changes in behavior and facilitate development of skills.  

We use music to help a child recall important information.  We play many instruments to create our own melodies and rhythms to link information to musical sounds.

We use specific music to help students focus and decrease their anxiety from stress. We provide opportunities for positive emotional responses to music for children to help them reach their social and language goals.

We have a termly concert on the stage for all the children to participate in to enhance the self-esteem of our young performers

Within each subject studied in Little Champions lessons are very much planned around a student’s interests. This makes for a more personalised and individualised curriculum for each student. High adult support ratio within primary means that students can follow their own tailored programme that encompasses support for communication, sensory and behaviour needs within it.


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P.O. Box 59412, Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates 
T: +971 2 412 1999 
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